Diverse Kindergarten

What is

"Opportunity for All?"

Whether you live on 15th Street or Main Street, access to public services, records, and guidance is vital to growing families, dedicated entrepreneurs, and those who have worked for years trying to make our communities better.

You deserve a county government that enables communities to have easy and transparent access to needed documents, services, and answers. You deserve leadership that tries to provide entrepreneurs with resources to navigate requirements and realize the American dream. You deserve to be treated with respect and to have your time and effort valued, because you are a member of our community.


The Issues At Hand

Rensselaer County is truly asset-rich: A diverse range of hard-working residents and small business owners,

centers of cutting-edge innovation, and numerous natural wonders...But how do we serve these assets effectively?

Image by Mike Petrucci

Enabling Entrepreneurship

What does it take to start a business?

More than it should.

When someone wants to open up shop in Rensselaer County, that means opportunity for job seekers, an expanding customer base, infrastructure projects, and traffic that supports additional businesses. Shouldn't that be something that government makes easy?

Unfortunately, Rensselaer County doesn't make a great impression to those looking to set up shop. An easy first is providing a simple way to search if your business name is available or what industry partners might already exist in the area. We need to get smart about promoting the value and opportunities that will interest new or prospective entrepreneurs.


Sustainable Practices

Keeping those beautiful views takes work and innovation.

As we see climate change impact both our cities along the Hudson River and long-held family parcels next to that beauty that New York State Parks possess, we need to be mindful that paving new roads and approving building permits for large corporations have looming impacts.

By promoting transparent and open publication of data, we can assist residents, communities, and advocates in finding a balance between much-needed development and sustainable community care. 

Energy Efficiency Consultation

The County of Tomorrow, Today...

Forging a future and dreaming big is what we do here.

Whether your family has lived here for seven generations or you are on your way to becoming a citizen, Rensselaer County has been (and continues to be) a source of innovation that changes lives.

Your government should do the same.

We need leaders that are familiar with our past, experience what is going on today, and who are able to look ahead and cast a vision that inspires those who live, work, play, or visit. This begins with a simple task: Welcome each member of the community and help them to find their part in Rensselaer County's story. We must work together as partners to shape an efficient, accessible, respectful, and responsive community that sees government as a value-added service at no extra charge.