Reading a Newspaper

What does responsive government look like?

It's adaptive and helps to inform the communities represented and governed. It seeks to ask questions and deliver answers (or at least guide those asking difficult questions). It seeks to reduce frustration and increase productive outcomes that make lives better. 

Image by Glenn Carstens-Peters

It's 2021.

Movies are on-demand.

Why not government services?


Justan is able to demonstrate what responsive and adaptable government can look like.

By asking questions...

Justan went in search of determining how businesses and individuals are being served (and where) by requesting DBA records. DBAs ("Doing Business As") are a necessary step for small businesses to present themselves to their customers by a distinct organizational name.

...investigating further...

Rensselaer County leadership claims that we are "open for business," but cannot provide answers as to the number of businesses that been created or are still in operation.  
Why is that? How much did we spend for a recordkeeping system that doesn't answer simple questions?

...and promoting knowledge.

Justan was able to guide leadership to a free resource that might assist in helping to answer the question in the future, as well as expose a looming issue for economic development and public accountability.